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Library Technology Solutions in UK Higher Education institutions

Click here to access data on which UK institution uses which library technology products . The table lists details by institution of:

  • Library system vendor
  • Current LMS (and adoption date where this information has been shared)
  • Previous LMS vendor
  • Discovery solution
  • Reading / resource management list solution
  • Digitisation solution
  • Archive / special collections system
  • RFID equipment

If your institution's information is incorrect or missing please complete our updates form and we will amend the data in the table.

Note that the table can be filtered by any combination of fields if you, for example, wish to find institutions using the same LMS as you or have previously used your current LMS and have migrated to a different system.

For details of which research systems are used by which institutions (e.g. institutional repositories, CRIS systems, RDM systems) please go to the research systems page

HELibTech is currently compiling data on institutional use of achives and special collections management systems. If you are a user of such systems please tell us more about your use of systems by completing the updates form

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