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-====== Enquiry Management ​Systems ​======+====== Enquiry Management ​systems ​======
-Libraries use bespoke or commercial systems to manage ​library ​enquiries and acquire in-depth statistics about the enquiry ​service. A few library ​management systems ​(LMS or ILS) include a basic enquiry management module ​which usually require the enquiry staff to enter the enquiry detailsDedicated enquiry ​management ​systems are more sophisticated and include functionality to integrate with web forms and social media and intercept emails sent to a group or dedicated email address ​for enquiries. Dedicated systems increase the chance ​of capturing all enquiries ​no matter how they are submitted.+In a library ​context ​enquiry/​inquiry ​management ​is different from most CRM systems which are designed ​to manage outbound sales and marketing interactionsEnquiry ​management for libraries is atypically about helping keep track of enquiries, facilitating follow up and maintaining statistics.
-The benefits of using an enquiry ​system include:+==== Library centric ​enquiry ​management solutions ====
-  * Improved user experience +  * Some library systems may include an Enquiry management module. Eg the [[https://​​247OPAC/​DynamicPages/​LibrarySoftware/​247LIBINTRODUCTION| Library system]] 
-  * Automated replies +  * Bailey solutions provides an enquiry management solution ​separate from its library system offering [[https://​​|Enquire]] 
-  * Achieving consistency using reply templates +  * [[http://​​Products/​RefTracker.aspx|Reftracker]] ​for altarama is an enquiry ​management ​system designed ​for libraries and information services
-  * Improved performance ​never missing deadlines using alerts +
-  * Monitoring and managing workloads +
-  * Increasing team productivity +
-  * Qualitative statistics ​for management ​insights +
-  * Costs recorded ready for export to finance systems +
-  * Accurate time recording+
-Available ​solutions+==== General enquiry management ​solutions ​====
-[[|Enquire]] from [[|Bailey Solutions]]+//The are some general purpose system that might work in a library environment . eg from Evolutive \\ [[​Enquiry-Management-software|https://​]]//
-Enquire is a sophisticated and dedicated ​enquiry management ​system that is highly configurable and used by universities and colleges. It is scalable and can be used to manage a single enquiry service or a multi- team / multi-department service. It uses roles and permissions models to present enquiry queues to different teams or individuals. Likewise the system has multi-lingual and multi-time zone capabilities to manage enquiries across a global organisation.+==== Reference ​enquiry management ​solutions ====
-Enquire captures ​enquiries from web forms, multiple email address and social media, while there are also dedicated forms to assist with phone and in-person enquiries. The system requires no change of user behaviour by service users, while enquiry staff use one software tool to viewprocess and answer enquiries by emailThe enquiry management system gathers statistics about enquiries as they are processed in the system, providing managers valuable insights about the enquiry service: +//​Management of general ​enquiries ​in a library can be distinguished ​from online '​Reference Librarian '​services such as QuestionPoint. \\ NOTE: "OCLC has entered into an agreement ​to sell the QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Cooperative ​and active \\ QuestionPoint subscriptions ​to Springshareprovider of the LibAnswers Platform31 May 2019 [[https://​​en/​questionpoint.html|https://​​en/​questionpoint.html]] //
- +
-  * When enquiries are submitted +
-  * How enquiries are submitted +
-  * Average processing times +
-  * How the team meets deadlines +
-  * Time spent on enquiries +
-  * Types of enquiries +
-  * Breakdown by location or department of the enquirer +
- +
-This enables librarians to +
- +
-  * Justify staffing levels +
-  * Demonstrate value +
-  * Learn where training or improvements are needed +
-  * Enrich the user experience+
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