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WorldCat Local delivers single-search-box access to more than 892 million items from your library and the world's library collections. You'll find:

630+ million articles with one-click access to full text
25+ million digital items from trusted sources like Google Books, OAIster and HathiTrust
12+ million eBooks from leading aggregators and publishers
44+ million pieces of evaluative content (Tables of Contents, cover art, summaries, etc.) included at no additional charge
206+ million books in libraries worldwide
Your WorldCat Local service gets users the results they're looking for and then connects them right to local, group and global resources through the services you already provide. It also gives your library visibility on the Web through the cooperative's partnerships with leading search engines, social networking services and other popular sites.

WorldCat Local lets people explore the full breadth of resources your library provides in a single, streamlined search experience. Once they identify the items they need, integration with your library's delivery options lets users get to those resources quickly and easily.

Key Features

FIND materials quickly and easily
Give your users access to a single search experience that eliminates the need to consult many separate resources and interfaces. One search provides instant access to your library's materials – digital objects, electronic materials, databases, eJournals, music, videos, audio, eBooks, maps, journals, theses and books – in addition to materials in group and consortial catalogs and thousands of OCLC member libraries worldwide.

WorldCat Local is the best way to get more than 892 million important and unique works in the world's libraries in front of your users. More than forty national catalogs contribute to WorldCat, bringing the riches of international scholarship to your community. And because the cooperative partners with organizations like Google Books, the HathiTrust, JSTOR and OAIster, every WorldCat Local search reveals deep and useful results from an extraordinary range of collections.

CONNECT users to the materials they need
With WorldCat Local, simplicity doesn't stop with the search. Your users are presented with only the most appropriate options to quickly connect them with what they need. And because WorldCat Local integrates with your current services and live circulation data, users know immediately whether (and where) an item is available. One click lets users view an electronic copy or place a hold or resource sharing request. They can identify the branch or department location of the items they want, eliminating the need to consult multiple areas on your Web site for electronic resources, group and consortial catalogs and interlibrary loan options.

Your staff will enjoy benefits related to centralized access, too. Less time is required to maintain data in multiple locations and systems, and no separate data loads are required for libraries that contribute and maintain their holdings in WorldCat.

Coming soon: Users will have direct access to electronic resources from search results, due to integration with the new WorldCat knowledge base. A “View now” link on brief records will connect users directly to the electronic articles and open access content their searches retrieve.

EXPLORE 892+ million items and growing.
OCLC members work together in a unique, worldwide cooperative that allows every library to contribute to and benefit from the combined purchasing and licensing power of the membership. As an OCLC member, you get access to major publishing and content partners from around the world. Your WorldCat Local service connects your users to:

Content cataloged by thousands of librarians worldwide over the course of decades.
The rich resources of dozens of national libraries.
Major aggregators of eBooks, including NetLibrary, ebrary, Overdrive and MyiLibrary;
Large mass digitization collections, including Google Books and HathiTrust;
Content from publishers such as Springer, Wiley, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Oxford University Press and more.
With access to more than 892 million items in a wide variety of formats, your users will find more routes to the information they need.


Please see the 'Discovery - Who uses what systems' section for an updated list.

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