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Key issues

Briefing papers and Webinars** on key issues

A new age for library metadata? (Webinar)

  1. Library management system to library services platform. Resource management for libraries: a new perspective
  2. Rethinking the library services platform
  3. The new role of the library in teaching and learning outcomes
  4. The student consumer and the rise of e-textbook platforms
  5. The rise of library centric reading list systems
  6. Aggregate and amplify – enhancing the value and use of theses and dissertations
  7. Open library systems – a new perspective
  8. New approaches to resource sharing

Library Systems





Governments, healthcare providers, and education organizations rely on Endeca across a broad range of services. An executive demands analysis of the cost of operational readiness, a superintendent seeks to fund education programs based on student results and teacher comments, a physician makes life or death care decisions based on their patient's condition and medical research data.

Endeca for Healthcare and Education enable knowledge workers and constituents to discover new, untapped information to gain knowledge and improve decision making faster, more easily, and more accurately than ever before. These capabilities enable a wide range of business goals, including identifying and reducing waste, fraud, and abuse, improving quality of care, and measuring performance against expenditures, as well as delivering valuable externally facing services to the public.

Our Approach
The foundation of our solutions is Endeca Latitude®, an Agile BI platform that guides people to better decisions on diverse and changing data, while allowing IT to address changing business requirements.
Unique discovery experience provides best-of-breed search, analytics, visualization, and navigation capabilities with zero training requirements, making it an ideal environment for workers in healthcare and education, and for the various audiences for externally-facing services.
Freedom from pre-defined information models enables disparate and dissimilar data to be explored in a single, unified environment, enabling new insights from the data.
Flexible analysis and collaboration, coupled with extremely robust security, limits access to data, documents and information repositories according to each organization’s existing authentication systems.
Endeca Latitude offers a highly differentiated approach to information, based on many patented inventions and the accumulated experience gained through our work with over 600 organizations across government, retail and manufacturing.

Learn More
Endeca for Healthcare & Education includes solutions for:

Endeca for E-Government offers the most efficient and cost-effective way for governments to deliver applications that offer state-of-the-art navigation of information and services online, dramatically reducing costs, increasing transparency, and improving usability.

Libraries and OPAC
Endeca for Libraries and OPAC is the solution of choice for organizations that require customized user experiences, providing capabilities for OPAC, multimedia, text mining, and heterogeneous content.

Human Capital Management
Endeca for Human Capital Management (HCM) enables organizations to gain clearer visibility into their human resources for workforce planning, project staffing, new business capture, program evaluation, reporting, readiness, logistics, and strategic review.

Agile Performance Management
Endeca for Performance Management is enabling organizations to more accurately assess desired performance results against various expenditures by exploring the base level data from the individual, disparate enterprise applications.

Key Features

Your students and faculty are accustomed to the usability, flexibility, and performance of the internet’s best web applications when they step into your library. As a result, traditional online catalogs, ILS catalogs, and OPACs (Online Public Access Catalogs) create frustrating barriers to fast and successful searches, and make it difficult or impossible for visitors to browse for new materials that might capture their interest. In addition, libraries are under increasing budgetary pressure and need to make members aware of the full breadth of their offerings. This is exactly why libraries are powering their next generation catalog systems with Endeca for Libraries and OPAC.

Endeca for Libraries and OPAC enables leading libraries including the Triangle Research Library Network and the Toronto Public Library to transform their online catalog experience. Their visitors can enjoy an interactive experience that is on par with the best online web sites. Libraries provide members intuitive web access to all collections, with integrated “promotions” of related materials and upcoming events that may appeal to the member.

Principal features:
Delivers an experience that is immediately intuitive, working the way your visitors expect it to work. Searches can be initiated and refined by browsing by any classifications or categories, and by searching on known keywords.

Relaxes the stringent search paradigms often found in traditional online catalog systems, so that visitors get the results they want without having to learn the “rules” of the system. For example, spelling errors are automatically corrected, search terms can be automatically applied to all appropriate data fields and metadata, and “did you mean” suggestions offer guidance, which all help to deliver an experience that forgives imprecise searches and successfully returns the most relevant results every time.

In contrast with a static, view-only list of search results, the results of every search are dynamic. Visitors are encouraged to further refine search results by subsequently searching, browsing, or filtering by facets or categories within the results. These capabilities make it easy for visitors to interactively drill down (or back up) and explore by topic, author, genre, era, availability, etc. in any order.

Relevance rankings
Configurable relevance ranking features give you fine grained control over the order of the displayed search results, for example based on availability, circulations data, and many other criteria, so you can fine tune the experience for your visitors.

Endeca products power web sites that consistently deliver sub-second response times performing searches against massive catalogs, providing real-time performance and an interactive experience.

Catalog data reuse
Uses your existing ILS and catalog data and metadata so that you can easily implement a new online catalog system without making changes to - or replacing - your underlying systems and data.


Please see the 'Discovery - Who uses what systems' section for an updated list.

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