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Ebsco Discovery



EBSCO’s Complete Discovery Solution provides users with access to an institution’s entire collection via a single, customizable entry point

EBSCO Discovery Service™ (EDS) creates a unified, customized index of an institution’s information resources, and a means of accessing all of that content from a single search box. The ability to create these custom solutions is achieved by harvesting metadata from both internal (library) and external (database vendors) sources, and creating a pre-indexed service of unprecedented size and speed. Although the resulting collection is massive in size and scope, the fact that it is indexed directly on the EBSCOhost servers allows for exceptionally fast search response times, and the ability to leverage features of the EBSCOhost user experience - across all resources.

EBSCO Discovery Service offers:

Deep & wide indexing – In addition to metadata from the best content sources, EDS also provides full indexing for EBSCOhost databases and other partner databases including Alexander Street Press, LexisNexis, NewsBank, Readex and more. By leveraging EBSCOhost platform, EDS offers a single interface for discovery of a library’s collection

Full-text searching – EDS offers access to metadata for full-text content, which in turn will yield accurate search results.

Access t the library’s full-text content (electronic and print) – EDS offers an integrated one-stop search experience for a library’s Journals, Magazines, Books, Special Collections, OPAC and more.

Key Features

More than 100,000 institutional subscribers representing millions of end users have brought peak usage of EBSCOhost to more than 60 million searches in a single day, By using EBSCOhost as the foundation for the EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), the library collection becomes available Additionally, interface customization lest the EDS experiencebbecome “your own”.
Some highlights of the Discovery search experience include:

  • Single search box access to the entire collection
  • Guided Style Advanced Search screen with drop-down list of fields in which to search for specific terms
  • Expeditious Result List display
  • Result List limiters and facets in the left-hand column help to consolidate user refinement actions
  • To the right of the Result List, search/content expansion tools: Related Information, access to integrated search (EHIS) connectors, and widgets
  • New checkbox design allows users to select multiple source types, clusters and content providers/databases
  • “Breadbox” tracking enables easy removal of all user refinements, including limiters and expanders
  • CustomLinks: article-level linking to link resolvers, publisher direct links, ILL and more
  • Book jacket image catalog enhancement
  • “Available in Library” collection limiter (fit to your collections/subscribed services)
  • Simple and Advanced Search Screen options
  • Full text (electronic & print)
  • Peer-reviewed
  • Date Slider
  • Catalog-only Limiter

  • Open Integration features, including:
  • Skinnable Interface (colors)
  • Branding Options
  • Tool Bar Customization including link wording and destination
  • Importable & Exportable Widgets

  • Persistent Linking & Bookmarkable URLs
  • Enhanced Relevancy Ranking
  • Available on your Mobile Device
  • Search Box Builder tool to make an EDS simple search box available on any web page
  • Ability to limit searches to available full text (electronic & print)
  • Full-featured user experience (EBSCOhost®)
  • Full-text searching
  • Guest/non-authentication access
  • etc


  • Leeds Metropolitan University launched their EDS in October 2011 and have blogged about it and provided links to some user comments: 'Going Live'

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