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-__false__+This website is managed by [[http://​|Ken Chad Consulting]] Ltd. The impetus and the initial data came from the 2008 SCONUL/JISC Library Management System Study. The background is discussed in [[http://​​cultural-heritage/​2010/​09/​20/​the-library-technology-market-a-case-for-an-open-conversation/​|'​The library technology market:]] a case for an open ‘conversation’. By Ken Chad. Cultural Heritage (a UKOLN blog) September 2010\\ 
 +You can view all content on the HELibtech wiki. Click on the **Edit this Page** icon on right to add amend information. If you need any assistance, please contact 
 +====== (Please help to keep information as neutral and factual and possible! Feel free to make link to company and other information) ====== 
 +HELibTech is a contribution to opening up the library technology market and involving //all// stakeholders in a '​conversation'​. If you need help with adding your own article to the HELibTech wiki, please contact 
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